Installing Trigger Extensions is Easy, and Now You Can Buy a Kit

This website was aging. It looked old and had some ancient bits of code in it. I did an update, and it died. Oh well, with each bad thing comes some good right? I took that opportunity to completely rebuild the site with fresh software. This time, I also finally added a store where I’ll be selling kits and accessories.

I am still volunteering my time and resources to get mods to people for free. However, kits and accessories are a way that those who feel obligated to, can support

I’ve started off with the most popular mod: trigger extensions.

You can buy a set of 4 extensions plus tiny screws for securing them for $30. This includes shipping in the US. I also made a tutorial on how to install  them! Its ridiculously easy.

Extremely easy Xbox 360 button transplant

Jay plays with the controller in his lap. This means that pressing down on the thumbstick to click the internal button can be quite difficult. I actually have problems with that button myself!  While there might be many solutions that would work, I really wanted to do a quick tutorial on the absolute simplest possible way.

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