Custom made midi interface for an 8 year old

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Forum user KDM shared this interesting device with us. It is a recorder that has been custum built for a young girl. She was born with only two digits per hand, so a typical recorder was out of the question. With this custom device she is now able to play along with her peers. The recorder is often used in school systems, especially outside the US, to teach the basics of music, so I imagine this was built so she could participate with her peers.

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Extremely easy Xbox 360 button transplant

Jay plays with the controller in his lap. This means that pressing down on the thumbstick to click the internal button can be quite difficult. I actually have problems with that button myself!  While there might be many solutions that would work, I really wanted to do a quick tutorial on the absolute simplest possible way.

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Interview about thecontrollerproject on BBC radio


I gotinterviewed on BBC radio for! People all over the place are interested in how they can help.


OUTRIDERS 09 JUL 13: Creativity

Tue, 9 Jul 13

26 mins

This week Jamillah talks to the creator of electronics for people with disabilities so they can use games consoles, a guy who tells stories in 3d online, a couple of chaps who created music using camera sounds and the creator of Dr Puppet – a web based animation linked to the 50th anniversary of Dr Who.


You can stream it or download it here.

Ricky’s hacked DVD player


Ronnie might easily be one of the best little brothers there could be. His bigger brother Ricky, who has a cognitive disability,  can be extremely hard on his electronics. He absolutely loves watching dvds, however the dvds and the player usually live very short lives. Ronnie came to the rescue by building this super rugged 5 disk DVD player for Ricky. He extended the dvd player buttons using rugged arcade buttons and housed it all in a nice simple cabinet. Ricky was quite pleased.

Read part 1 and part 2 of his build to see how it was done.