Modular thumbstick files now available for Xbox and Wii-U

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I’m really proud of this accessibility mod. The modular design means that you can download the files and arrange in many many variations to solve problems. Glue the bits together and you’re done!

Find all the files, video, pictures, etc on the announcement post over at Make!

As usual, I need to thank Lulzbot 3D printers for their donations. Because of the effort they have provided, I can give these away for FREE. I shipped two complete sets this morning, I anticipate more over the next few weeks.

Modular Xbox Thumbstick Extensions: Part 1, The Base


I’ve been mulling around an idea for some thumbstick mods for people. There are several problems I can address and now that I’ve sorted out some issues with the filament I was buying for the 3d printer, I can start making these.


The plan I have is to make a modular system where you can customize the thumbstick extension a bit to suit your specific needs.

Ideally the system will meet the following criteria:

  • snap on and off so it can be used on other people’s systems or on new controllers
  • modular for customization in both position and form


I spent a little bit of time tonight and successfully designed the base piece. It snaps on quite snugly and looks sturdy enough to hold modules stacked on top. Now I have to design those!

As usuall, I really need to thank Lulzbot. Without their support, I wouldn’t be making these. With their support, not only can I make them but I follow lulzbot’s lead and I give them away for free. If you have need for these things, contact me and we’ll see if I can help.


Navigating a PS3 or Xbox 360 with 2 buttons

Barrie wrote in to share this interface with allows you to navigate the PS3 menu system with just two buttons. My first reaction was to wonder how it is possible to game this way, but watching the video revealed that this is fantastic for watching movies, netflix, and yes, some gaming.

With the set-up above, two accessibility switches are all that are needed to browse the Playstation 3 menu system. From there you can freely switch between the likes of the BBC iPlayer, Netflix, photo albums, MP3s, the Playstation store, the internet and a range of one and two-switch playable games.

The set-up requires a PS3 connected via a Cronus adapter to a Windows PC, running JoyToKey and Bullseye with special profiles that you can download here. Two switches are connected to a C-SID (Button 1 and Button 2) but any USB connected joystick should work just fine too.


Read more about it on the project page.

Custom made midi interface for an 8 year old

03 Complete

Forum user KDM shared this interesting device with us. It is a recorder that has been custum built for a young girl. She was born with only two digits per hand, so a typical recorder was out of the question. With this custom device she is now able to play along with her peers. The recorder is often used in school systems, especially outside the US, to teach the basics of music, so I imagine this was built so she could participate with her peers.

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Extremely easy Xbox 360 button transplant

Jay plays with the controller in his lap. This means that pressing down on the thumbstick to click the internal button can be quite difficult. I actually have problems with that button myself!  While there might be many solutions that would work, I really wanted to do a quick tutorial on the absolute simplest possible way.

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