3D Printed Trigger Mat for Playstation 4


A woman contacted me, explaining that the latest version of the Playstation controller was almost unusable for her. The triggers were not working as she played in the top-down style, where you put your hands on top of the controller and use a surface to grip the triggers.

Initially I was going to design some kind of grip that glued onto the triggers. Then, I came up with this idea.

It isn’t perfect. It may not even solve her problem (ps4 triggers are at a different angle. not much I can do about that). however, it exists now and maybe it will help others.

This mat was printed with Ninjaflex on a Lulzbot Taz4 3D printer. This means it is a flexible rubber that grips the surface below pretty well. You could really use any soft rubber for this, I suspect that a rubber/gel insole might be perfect actually!

Why I Typically Don’t Modify Playstation Controllers


I have many requests for hardware modifications to Playstation controllers. Sadly, unless someone is asking for 3d printed extensions, I have to turn them down. This post will show why, and also offer a workaround.

When people request buttons to be moved (which is pretty common), I can usually say yes pretty easily. On an Xbox controller, there are nice solder pads to connect to. This is not the case inside a ps3 controller unfortunately.


All of the buttons, including the triggers are handled by this flexible material. I can not easily access the traces to make modifications here.

The flexible material is connected to the PCB by a pressure fitting that is actually part of the controller shell. This means that if I modify any of the pads, I risk the rest not fitting anymore. If I modify the shell, I risk the pressure not holding any more. It sucks.


Luckily, the thumbsticks are a standard format with nice big gooey solder blobs so I can do thumbstick mods.

The workaround: adapters

There are commercial adapters that let you use different controllers for different consoles. It isn’t the best solution, but any solution that lets someone play is the right solution.


HDE Cross Battle

$17 on Amazon

This allows you to use an Xbox360 controller on your Ps3.  Unfortunately it does not appear to work with the ps4.


The Chronus

$59 on their site.

This little adapter does a TON. just see the graphic below. For more information, check out their website.



Still Alive, Still Making Controllers


I’m still alive. I still make controllers for people. Just email me if you need something done! I don’t feel like there’s much news to put here, but feel free to shoot me an email any time.

Also, enjoy some pictures of a controller being modded.



Making “Sticky Triggers” On The Xbox 360

Using an Xbox 360 controller with one hand can be tricky, especially when you have to hold a trigger down for any extended period of time.

Here’s a super easy and super quick mod that will make your triggers “sticky”, meaning they won’t spring back to fully extended.

Note that you will have to glue something to your trigger to allow you to pull them back out.

Here’s a larger view of the assembly so you can see how it fits together.

DSC02707 DSC02710

DIY Touch Controller For Retro Consoles

A common problem, especially with neuro muscular disorders is the lack of strength to push buttons. I’ve tested some and found that even Xbox buttons (roughly 60grams of pressure required) can be too much sometimes.

Here’s a solution made by Electricreations that creates a touch controller for classic consoles.

This is maybe a complicated but effective solution. The video may be a bit long, but if you have the ability to recreate, could be very useful.

[thanks for sending this in PlatinumFungi!]

Modular thumbstick files now available for Xbox and Wii-U

DSC02571 (Medium)


I’m really proud of this accessibility mod. The modular design means that you can download the files and arrange in many many variations to solve problems. Glue the bits together and you’re done!

Find all the files, video, pictures, etc on the announcement post over at Make!

As usual, I need to thank Lulzbot 3D printers for their donations. Because of the effort they have provided, I can give these away for FREE. I shipped two complete sets this morning, I anticipate more over the next few weeks.

Modular Xbox Thumbstick Extensions: Part 1, The Base


I’ve been mulling around an idea for some thumbstick mods for people. There are several problems I can address and now that I’ve sorted out some issues with the filament I was buying for the 3d printer, I can start making these.


The plan I have is to make a modular system where you can customize the thumbstick extension a bit to suit your specific needs.

Ideally the system will meet the following criteria:

  • snap on and off so it can be used on other people’s systems or on new controllers
  • modular for customization in both position and form


I spent a little bit of time tonight and successfully designed the base piece. It snaps on quite snugly and looks sturdy enough to hold modules stacked on top. Now I have to design those!

As usuall, I really need to thank Lulzbot. Without their support, I wouldn’t be making these. With their support, not only can I make them but I follow lulzbot’s lead and I give them away for free. If you have need for these things, contact me and we’ll see if I can help.