Jawan’s Custom Controller, My Prettiest One So Far!

I just finished a controller that I think might be the prettiest one yet. I really like the white controller with the blue parts.


For this one I modified the trigger extensions a bit to be longer. The curve reminds me of a billy goat (maybe I should do a sculpted version that looks like horns!). I hope that this works well for Jawan.

The process on this controller was pretty much like the others. I got an email from Jamal, Jawan’s brother asking for a custom controller. He purchased one on Amazon and had it shipped to my home.I went back and forth with him via email several times to determine what was needed. In this case, buttons to replace the “thumbstick click” and trigger extensions.

The next step was to crack open the controller and wire in the little buttons that would replace the thumbstick clicks.


I solder on the back side, using this tiny wire, and feed it around to the front. It is small enough that it doesn’t effect the controller’s ability to fit back together.


After I drill a couple tiny holes in the front of the controller I piece it back together, feeding the wire through the holes. A tiny bit of hot glue holds the momentary switches on very well.


This bit of blue plastic not only makes it prettier, it makes the buttons easier to press in a couple ways.

  • wider area of pressing
  • less force required due to lever action
  • easier to press with the side of the thumb than a normal momentary switch.

It really could be rounded off a little more though. I’m a bit concerned that the sharp edge would get uncomfortable pretty quickly.

Here it is on shipping day! It looks great and will hopefully help Jawan play. It is always worth keeping in mind though, that these modifications only make playing games a bit more accessible. Playing will still be difficult for Jawan. This isn’t magic, only a little help.


And here’s Jawan posing with the no controller!



Installing Trigger Extensions is Easy, and Now You Can Buy a Kit

This website was aging. It looked old and had some ancient bits of code in it. I did an update, and it died. Oh well, with each bad thing comes some good right? I took that opportunity to completely rebuild the site with fresh software. This time, I also finally added a store where I’ll be selling kits and accessories.

I am still volunteering my time and resources to get mods to people for free. However, kits and accessories are a way that those who feel obligated to, can support thecontrollerproject.com

I’ve started off with the most popular mod: trigger extensions.

You can buy a set of 4 extensions plus tiny screws for securing them for $30. This includes shipping in the US. I also made a tutorial on how to installĀ  them! Its ridiculously easy.