Why I Typically Don’t Modify Playstation Controllers


I have many requests for hardware modifications to Playstation controllers. Sadly, unless someone is asking for 3d printed extensions, I have to turn them down. This post will show why, and also offer a workaround.

When people request buttons to be moved (which is pretty common), I can usually say yes pretty easily. On an Xbox controller, there are nice solder pads to connect to. This is not the case inside a ps3 controller unfortunately.


All of the buttons, including the triggers are handled by this flexible material. I can not easily access the traces to make modifications here.

The flexible material is connected to the PCB by a pressure fitting that is actually part of the controller shell. This means that if I modify any of the pads, I risk the rest not fitting anymore. If I modify the shell, I risk the pressure not holding any more. It sucks.


Luckily, the thumbsticks are a standard format with nice big gooey solder blobs so I can do thumbstick mods.

The workaround: adapters

There are commercial adapters that let you use different controllers for different consoles. It isn’t the best solution, but any solution that lets someone play is the right solution.


HDE Cross Battle

$17 on Amazon

This allows you to use an Xbox360 controller on your Ps3.  Unfortunately it does not appear to work with the ps4.


The Chronus

$59 on their site.

This little adapter does a TON. just see the graphic below. For more information, check out their website.



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