Modular Xbox Thumbstick Extensions: Part 1, The Base


I’ve been mulling around an idea for some thumbstick mods for people. There are several problems I can address and now that I’ve sorted out some issues with the filament I was buying for the 3d printer, I can start making these.


The plan I have is to make a modular system where you can customize the thumbstick extension a bit to suit your specific needs.

Ideally the system will meet the following criteria:

  • snap on and off so it can be used on other people’s systems or on new controllers
  • modular for customization in both position and form


I spent a little bit of time tonight and successfully designed the base piece. It snaps on quite snugly and looks sturdy enough to hold modules stacked on top. Now I have to design those!

As usuall, I really need to thank Lulzbot. Without their support, I wouldn’t be making these. With their support, not only can I make them but I follow lulzbot’s lead and I give them away for free. If you have need for these things, contact me and we’ll see if I can help.


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