iFixit Controller contest winner #1!

I have been extremely happy to see some solutions to the problem rolling in!

The first person to deliver a solution that is completely tested and free for anyone to use is Jody Roth.

He came up with this super easy to assemble and install version that seems to do the job quite well. As you can see in his video, he assembles it in just a few minutes and it literally just snaps onto the controller and back off again. You can download the files for printing on a 3dprinter.

Not only that, but he looked around the forums at thecontrollerproject.com and spotted another issue with the triggers where someone needed them moved to the other side of the controller. He made an adapter to solve that one too!

I’d say Jody has gone above and beyond and absolutely deserves his prize, the pro toolset and magnetic work mat from iFixit.com


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