Find a solution, win a toolset from iFixit!


Thanks to the awesome folks at I have prizes!

1. The problem

The triggers. The triggers on a console controller are a huge problem. Many games won’t allow you to remap them, so many people just can’t play if they can’t use the triggers. This problem presents itself to so many for different reasons that I felt it would be a great thing to provide a solution for.

2. The solution

I want something easily reproducible and relatively cheap. The triggers need to be usable from the top of the controller. If this means levers or something that someone glues into place, great. I don’t care how it happens, it just needs to.

I would prefer files that can be 3d printed and attached to the controller or parts that are easily attainable at a hardware store. You must upload the plans free for the world to use.

3. The reward is letting me give away 5 of the Pro Tech tool sets with Magnetic mats. It is a killer tool set that I use personally and one of the really cool parts is that they’ve allowed this to be open to the entire world. No geographical restrictions to win.

If you want more info on the prizes, check here.

Pro toolkit, includes 58 bit driver kit, a selection of high quality tweezers, and more. Check it out here.

Magnetic project mat: 8″x10″, magnetic and extremely useful… surprisingly useful. Check it out here.

The first 5 people to contact me with a real solution for either Xbox or ps3 that is easily reproduceable or 3d printable get one. Get going!

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