Navigating a PS3 or Xbox 360 with 2 buttons

Barrie wrote in to share this interface with allows you to navigate the PS3 menu system with just two buttons. My first reaction was to wonder how it is possible to game this way, but watching the video revealed that this is fantastic for watching movies, netflix, and yes, some gaming.

With the set-up above, two accessibility switches are all that are needed to browse the Playstation 3 menu system. From there you can freely switch between the likes of the BBC iPlayer, Netflix, photo albums, MP3s, the Playstation store, the internet and a range of one and two-switch playable games.

The set-up requires a PS3 connected via a Cronus adapter to a Windows PC, running JoyToKey and Bullseye with special profiles that you can download here. Two switches are connected to a C-SID (Button 1 and Button 2) but any USB connected joystick should work just fine too.


Read more about it on the project page.

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