Extremely easy Xbox 360 button transplant

Jay plays with the controller in his lap. This means that pressing down on the thumbstick to click the internal button can be quite difficult. I actually have problems with that button myself!  While there might be many solutions that would work, I really wanted to do a quick tutorial on the absolute simplest possible way.

Keep reading for the gallery and details.

Here, you will see how to transplant or replace a button into another location.  When I say it is easy, I really mean easy.  All you have to do is solder two wires. Keep in mind that you could literally hot glue the button to the outside of the controller, no need to install it like I did.

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  1. Nice one, Caleb!

    I just saw on HaD Links that you are now a HaD alum. Were you forced out because your projects are turning out to be clean, well-thought-out designs that don’t qualify as hacks? 😉

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