1. Great work. I understand your frustrations entirely. I started my own business for the same reasons. After 8 years I still have taken no money out of the business for myself and yet to recover any of the investment I have put in to it. The stuff on line is expensive for a reason. Its damn expensive to make commercially in small volumes and no one has the money to buy in bigger volumes. Have a browse through our e-sales stuff. shop.LEPMIS.co.uk, and our YouTube videos. We also do bespoke stuff.

    I wish you the best of luck


  2. Something that could make this even more useful is JoytoKey. This program lets you assign keyboard functions to your gamepad allowing you to use your gamepad for any game or application. There are other programs like it as well, this just happens to be the most useful free one I have found.

  3. I’m not related to anyone with special needs, nor do I know someone, but this thing you are doing, helping this guy, and setting up this page, is really amazing. Congratulations pal, you are doing an awesome and noble thing.
    Cheers from Argentina!!

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